Feedback from students and colleagues informs much of my teaching and is vital to my continuing development. A selection of comments are shown here.

Feedback from Colleagues:

The online learning for background material for MSc Molecular Diagnostics was the focus of my Individual Pathway component of the PGCHE. Recognition for this work led to my Lord Dearing Award for Teaching and Learning in 2010. Comments from the PGCHE examiner are shown:

“A really good idea for the Teaching Development, addressing two major concerns of UoN students – quality of formative feedback and inequality of knowledge for students starting a programme of study. Recognition of the potential problems associated with students’ possible fear of the computer-delivery was laudable. High quality of reflection, picking up on student feedback and mulling over the possible causes of problem aspects. Good use of student feedback made throughout.” Mike Cook, 10th April 2008

Peer review of Graduate School course by Stuart Brown (Director of Biomedical Sciences Teaching), June 2008:

“Overall the quality of the session was very good. It is not easy to convey a session on IT and statistics and make it interesting and stimulating. This was one of the best I have ever attended from any staff, not only new staff.”

Student feedback from Research Methods module:

This module is run for the MSc Clinical Science (Clinical Genetics) course and is delivered solely online; there is no face-to-face contact time for this module. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and shows how successful distance-learning can be.

“Module workbooks made me feel very prepared for the exam and explained things I’ve been trying to get my head around for years!”

“I thought the workbooks were excellent and that was crucial considering there were no taught sessions for the module.”

“Podcasts were very well delivered and perfectly matched the contents of the workbooks. Being able to watch, pause, rewind and come back to podcasts for revision and during the coursework was extremely useful.”

“All podcasts were extremely great, I was worried that would be overwhelming in term of additional information but they worked really well as complementary materials to what we already had.”

“The feedback from the assessment was excellent. It was very detailed and thorough, with general and individual feedback being provided. Clearly a lot of effort was put in and having spent quite a while reading through it I feel it has been very useful.”

“I thought this was an excellent module, it was well organised and the distance learning worked really well. The workbooks and podcasts were excellent; they explained everything really clearly.”

Student comment September 2009 (MSc Oncology):

“I found the teaching on the whole to be excellent, and really enjoyable, and I think the assessment was set at the right level. Sally Chappell was brilliant at giving not only good teaching and excellent lecture notes but also personal feedback for all the assessments which was a real bonus.  I realise that must involve a lot of work but something similar for the other modules would be of great benefit to future students.” 

Student Evaluation from Graduate School “Introduction to SPSS” course 2008:

Comment from MSc Course Evaluation 2008/09:

“I think the structure of the course is excellent, with a good progression into modules as our knowledge base increased. I think a good selection of modules are covered, with topics such as Statistics being made manageable. The background material available before the start of the course was very useful and was well laid out and user friendly! The presentation assessments I think were really valuable since we got good feedback and it allowed us to improve before the next one, plus this is a good skill to have. The staff were very approachable and always willing to help, particularly Sally who always answered emails very quickly or would help if you went to see her. I also think the guest speakers on the whole were useful and made the topics more interesting. All round I feel I have got a lot out of the course and have learnt more than I ever did over the three years of my undergraduate degree! I would definitely recommend the course to anyone interested in this field.”

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